Technology Roadmap

This is a roadmap that I created for teachers.  They can use it to self assess and reflect on their pedagogy along with technology implementation skills.



Leveraging existing Tech

Many schools have a computer lab or carts of devices that are available for students. These are used for testing, but are a valuable resource that can be leveraged for student learning and engagement throughout the year. Teachers and/or administrators are not always sure how to use the devices for learning opportunities outside of testing. Far too often they sit unused until the end of the year. These are two infographics that I created to share with schools as we discuss best practices in using existing technology.

Lab Rotation (1)Station Rotation

Competencies for Google Tools

As teachers start learning how to use digital content and tools in the classroom to collaborate with other professionals and their students, it is important to provide them with a road map of requisite skills. For my online modules, I separated Google into 3 courses: Basics Level 1, Basics Level 2, and Advanced. Within each level of coursework, there are a list of competencies that teachers should expect to learn and display if they wish to be proficient in using these tools. As a certified Google Educator, I cross referenced my courses with the online help that Google provides to make sure there is a level of alignment in difficulty levels and the accompanying skills.

Basics Lvl 1 Basics Lvl 2Advanced Competencies