Chrome Book Best Practices

As we get towards the beginning of the year, more and more schools are moving towards pushing out Chromebooks as they’re far cheaper than Apple devices or full fledged Windows laptops. Below is a presentation to use with students about properly caring for their Chromebooks. Feel free to make a copy of my presentation to use at your sites.

Chromebook Presentation

I also use this video to share with my students:


Digital Citizenship Parent Modules

This is the flyer and info page for the parent modules that I am currently working on. Parents will be able to go through self paced courses in English and Spanish, earning digital badges as they complete each course.Spanish Parent Modules Parent Module Flyer Spanish Parent Module Flyer

Blended Learning Models

As more schools start implementing personalized learning and blended learning, they are also working to identify key components of these new models. Below is an infographic that I created for teachers and administrators to start planning what blended learning might look like in their classrooms and school sites.

blended learning

Digital Citizenship and Parents

One thing that hasn’t been addressed or is often ignored is the parent side of building digital relationships with students. As students start incorporating technology into their lives at an earlier age, it is crucial for parents to have open dialogue about expected behaviors and the impact of social media.

I am currently working on online learning modules with elearning software to be housed in our LMS. Modules are separated by themes and have badges that accompany successful completion of each module.